Private parking lot

A fully fenced area
to ensure maximum security
for your cargo.

Throughout Italy

We handle nationwide deliveries
from all over the world.

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Welcome to the world of
borderless shipping.
Welcome to BCL Trasporti.

Private parking lot

A fully fenced area to ensure maximum security for your cargo.

Throughout Italy

We handle nationwide deliveries
from all over the world.


To simplify your every project
and offer you the best solutions for every challenge

Quality as a Differentiating Element

At BCL Trasporti, quality is not just a part of our work, but it is the pulsating heart of our mission. We constantly strive to meet and exceed expectations, offering services that reflect the highest standards in the industry.

A Cutting Edge Fleet

Ranging from our fleet of trucks (equipped with the latest tracking technology) to our selection of specialized vehicles for sensitive loads, at BCL Trasporti every vehicle is carefully maintained and updated to meet the needs of a dynamic and ever-changing industry.


Always in compliance with industry regulations and the strictest quality standards

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Frequently asked questions to get
all the answers in one place

Our fleet consists mainly of trucks and tractor units , as we specialize in heavy transport from pallet to full load, which are also followed by vans for express services and last-mile deliveries.

Each vehicle is also equipped with a satellite tracking system that allows us to know the exact location of each vehicle in our fleet at all times.

The safety of the cargo is our responsibility, along with that of the carrier, and we always place the most care at every stage of the journey. Our crew is trained to check that the cargo on the vehicle is placed in the correct manner and has all the necessary equipment for this purpose, such as straps, load restraining bars, wheel stops and fire extinguishers.

In case of damage suffered by goods during transportation, it is essential to put a specific reservation at unloading, detailing the damage. Thanks to our claims department, we will be able to follow the damage management process according to the procedures required by law.

Goods normally travel covered by carrier insurance by law, so the standard reimbursement in case of a claim will be €1.00/kg of damaged goods. Upon request we can cover the trip with dedicated insurance that can cover the full value of the goods in case of an accident to the goods.

In case of uninsured shipments, compensation is paid to the extent provided for in Legislative Decree 286/05.

Our company boasts among the highest on-time delivery rates in the market, with about 98 percent of transports delivered on time.

In any case, it is always possible to experience a delay caused by factors beyond our control. In these situations, we endeavor to contact the customer as immediately as possible to notify him or her of the incident and together find a solution to remedy it; we have a dedicated customer-service department always available to respond to customer needs.

If communicated in the correct time, thus at least two days in advance, changes and cancellations have no cost to the client; if the cancellation or change arrives when the vehicle is already set up or on its way a cost fee will be charged according to the specific situation, and that will vary between 50 and 80 percent. Of course, it is essential to evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis, and our sales department is always available to find the most appropriate solution.

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Tailor-Made Service

Every customer is unique, and our transportation solutions are tailored to your specific needs to provide personalized service.

Timeliness and Reliability

We guarantee accurate delivery times, ensuring that your loads arrive at their destination on schedule.

Cargo Safety

We put the safety of your cargo first by implementing strict procedures and using high-quality equipment.


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